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If you want to reach new destinations, you have to abandon old courses.


Around 1936…

Boomsma Shipping has a long family history in inland shipping. The company's history starts back in the days when the parents of Anne Boomsma († 2009), founder of Boomsma Shipping, were still transporting freight under sail with their clipper Endeavor, built in 1902. Anne Boomsma was born in 1936 and was partly raised onboard this vessel.


Around 1967…

Together with Regina he bought, worked and lived onboard their vessel, named Frisiana, a 47 m “spits” that could carry about 400 tonnes of freight. They regularly shipped steel products from Charleroi (France), towards Hamburg (Germany), with this vessel.
The first part of this trip was via the inland waters of France, Belgium and the Netherlands to finally set course from Delfzijl to the North Sea. In Cuxhaven they found calm waters again on the river Elbe. Together with a few colleagues, Anne Boomsma was a true pioneer to set sail for sea with his 47 m vessel that was really built for inland waters. This all took place in 1967, the year that Boomsma Shipping was founded.
These voyages (also known as the "Hamburger trade") and demand from the freight market made them decide to sell their spits and to expand their sailing area using a larger vessel. For nearly seven years they sailed to Germany, Denmark and Sweden (also known as the “Denmark trade”) with their 2nd Frisiana, a vessel of original 775 tonnes used as a 550 tonnes vessel in this trade.

Around 1980…

The first coaster was bought. This coaster, built in 1978 by shipyard Bodewes Hoogezand, was originally named Thalassa. It should come as no surprise that they re-named this vessel Frisiana since this name is indissoluble linked to Boomsma Shipping. The name Frisiana finds its origins in an exhibition in Friesland. This coaster had a deadweight of 1.175 tonnes.

In 1991 the first new built vessel was delivered by shipyard Peter’s in Kampen. This became the 4th Frisiana, a coaster of 1.960 tonnes deadweigth. With this vessel full Europe was traded, but many times with destination Norway!

Around 1998…

In 1998 a second vessel (built in 1992) was bought. This vessel of 2.355 tonnes deadweight was named Frisium. By that time, the companies ship management service started.The ms Frisium is currently still part of the Boomsma fleet. She can partly sail in inland waters due to her shallow draft combined with a low air-draft. This meant that freight could again be brought inland as in the old days.

The keel for the hull of ms Frisian Lady was laid in the year 2000 at shipyard Çeliktrans in Tuzla, Turkey. Towed by a tug boat she was brought to Shipyard Peter’s in Kampen where they finished the ms Frisian Lady by the end of 2002.

Around 2005…

In 2005 ms Frisiana was sold to a German owner and two new 6.500 tonnes deadweight vessels were ordered. While ms Frisian Spring and ms Frisian Summer were being built, Boomsma Shipping expanded it’s fleet with another vessel, acting as the managers for ms Noest, a 2.335 tonnes deadweight coaster. The owner of ms Noest is a well-known former employee who had worked as a mate for several years onboard the Boomsma vessels.

Around 2010…

The first 8.000 tonnes deadweight vessel was delivered, named Frisiana. This is already the 5th vessel with this name related to Boomsma Shipping. During 2011 her sister will be delivered as ms Frisian Ocean.
With ms Frisiana sailing to our full satisfactory, the fleet currently consists of six vessels. All modern, technically well-equipped vessels sailing under Dutch flag. A fleet to be proud of, supported by an onshore organization motivated to realise challenging projects in the near future!